Chief Executive UIC

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and warm greetings.

By the name of Allah S.W.T Most Gracious, MostMerciful, for giving us the dynamism and wellbeing to prolong our responsibility.

As the Chief Executive Officers of Unifield International College (UIC ), I on behalf the UIC ancestors, contentedly welcoming our future students to have a glance on our website. Certainly, the production of a website such as this is important in an organizational or managerial division as it represent the competence and efficiency of the institution.

UIC is one of a rising private institution in this comprehensive world , it is important to generate and execute the best educational services and management system to congregate the world’s diversity of profession obligation that are expected to take place as part of the challenges of being a new Higher Education Institutions. Maximum efforts together with high determination will help cultivate a vibrant atmosphere to produce outstanding superiority of work with high prospective and high-quality outcome.

Hence here in UIC , learners are estimated to prepare their self with a variety of knowledge and skillfulness as an attempt to construct a practical and well being legion or generation of graduates. In UIC, where you can discover a permutation or combination of education, skills and expertise as those are great and highly demanding in the working world currently.

Definitely distinction or achievement of nation and the general population, involve something that so called ‘innovative and excellent intention’ that can leads our generation to explore and deeply recognize how important we should be one of shine bright star in our educational background. Principally we are here in UIC , putting our attempt and strength of mind, spreading the  understanding of how far one’s successfulness  can expand our future generations. Producing an resourceful community and society is a public responsibility that UIC try to contribute to our nation, country , and the world perhaps. 

Thank you.


Puan Rohana binti Rahmat,
Chief Executive UIC