Unifield International College provides complete facilities for learning and training programs that are offered. Facilities including a library with latest reference books, mock hotel, mock kitchen, mock office and mock restaurant for student practical, air-conditioned classrooms, a computer lab, student centers, surau, cafetaria and transportation facilities. 

    • Unifield International College have almost 50 classrooms that are equipped with tables, banquet chair, air-condition, and LCD. 
    • There are 4 computer labs and 2 computer workshops are ready to be used as a part of lesson.
    • In the middle of our campus, we built a massive gazebo with an open concept to give comfortable environment for students to relax, while waiting for class or after class. Plus, students can do assignment, discussion and activities here as it occupied with Wi-Fi, fans and table for students to use.
    • The operation of college café start from 8.00 am until 4.00 pm every Monday to Friday. Various menu, desserts and drinks are prepared for students with affordable price.
    • Our surau is located nearby our college entrance where prayer area for male located at the front followed by female prayer area. We accommodate large wudhu' area and toilet for male and female at their prayer area.
    • To make it easier for students to go to campus every day, air-condition bus and van are provided by college to facilitate students to campus or do outside campus activities. The shuttle bus will follow the schedule to ensure the punctuality of students arrive at college are always on time.