Student Services

Campus Student Services

We provide student care and excellent services to build your student life comfort & prosperity. We are focused on providing you with the best-in-class care and services through world class technology and response mechanisms. Your student journey at UIC will see you become part of a global village within one of the friendliest, most diverse and multicultural campus communities in Malaysia. You’ll mix and make friends with people from a huge variety of social, educational and cultural backgrounds. You’ll spread your intellectual wings, broaden your social horizons and engage in discussions which might change your views, or reinforce them. It’s an enriching experience that will also serve you well in the modern job market.

Student services in Unifield International College is aim to the comprehensive growth of student and their academic success by providing learning opportunities and experiences of campus life. The services and opportunities provided including as below:

Counseling & Career Services

The Student Counselling and Development Service serve full-time students and it is staffed by a professional counsellors.

Through the following services, the counsellor will assists students to overcome adjustment difficulties, derive success and satisfaction from their college experiences, career development as well as achieve personal growth and self-enhancement.

Student & Welfare Unit

Student Welfare Unit is a student care and supervision center that serves as a liaison between students and administration. The staff of this unit closely works with students across all years and all societies to explore ways to enhance or address aspects of the entire student experience, from education to social or psychological problem, and works with students to develop innovative solutions to issues and concerns.

Mentor Mentee

Mentoring has long been recognize as a powerful tool in student development. Successful mentorships often evolve into friendships with both partners learning and providing support for the other. Here, in Unifield International College, every student will get a mentor where they can share their problem which they can rely on.