Food Preparation & Manufacturing

Program Summary

• HT-012-2:2012 Food Preparation & Manufacturing (9 months)
• HT-012-3:2012 Food Preparation & Manufacturing (12 months)
• HT-012-4:2011 Food Preparation & Manufacturing Services (18 months)
• HT-012-5:2011 Food Preparation & Manufacturing Services (18 months)


• Provide intensive training in the field of food service and presentation
• Produce knowledgeable and skilled trainees
• Expose trainees to the food industry
• Making the food service field a source of income/career prospects
• The aim of this course is to produce basic skills, work techniques and the right attitude in food preparation and manufacturing
• Students will be exposed to theoretical and practical skills.


After learning these basic skills, the students will then acquire standard competences that will enable them to enter the job market, particularly in the hospitality, tourism and service sectors.

Qualification (General)

• Aged 16 years – 40 years
• Malaysian
• Can Read/write/count
• Healthy body and free from drugs
• Have SRP/PMR/PT3 for application for level 2
• For applications for levels 3, 4 and 5 must have a previous level from any institution that has been commissioned by JPK-KSM

Curriculum Summary:

• CO1 hygiene, kitchen safety and food handling
• CO2 cooking technique
• C03 stock, soup and hot sauce production
• CO4 main course production
• C05 rice and farinaceous production
• CO6 appetizer production
• C07 breakfast production
• C08 dessert production
• C09 catering set-up activities